Or, maybe I should add ‘for me.’ At least I get a little better at it each time I write one, which also means I realize how bad and/or inadequate the ones I wrote before it were. As a novice I started by Googling ‘How to write a query letter’ in a variety of permutations. I got 6,920,000 results. Honestly! Try it, you’ll see. So here are the elements of a good query. I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me.

1. The query should be very personal or written in the style of the book, or like a business letter.

2. The synopsis should be 3 pages or two paragraphs

3. The synopsis should read like copy on the back cover of a novel, or read like a synopsis except don’t give away the ending, or give away the ending

4. Always start with a one sentence hook, start with a few actual lines from the book, or a hook is completely unnecessary. 

5. Your bio should give the reader a feeling for who you are, or only mention publishing credits, or it’s not really relevant. 

There are many other wonderful pieces of advice, but you are already on your third glass of wine, so you don’t care anymore.


  1. Dear Editor Brutus,
        I have come to praise Caesar not to bury him. Stabbing him with a dagger was the worst of times, the best of times. Et tu Bruté, how do you want the query? Would you let me count the ways, or “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”? Please let me have my salad days with Caesar dressing or undressing. It’s all Greek to me. Eureka. So Eureka me back. Fond wishes to you, but do I get 3?
        Have A Nice Night,
        D. Author X. Q.E.D.


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