Paragraph 6 (also sort of)


I have decided that I’m only going to share chapter 1, not because of any fear of plagiarism (which would be highly flattering), but because the book is 67,000 words long and Seriously? On with the show!


With a little shake of her head, Ms. Pigeon leaves.

“Dani Rosen,” I inform the clerk before he can ask. “Or it might be under ‘Matthew Geary.’”

He opens the reservation book. “Oh…”

Badminton. I knew it.

The clerk doesn’t ask me to trade, and I wouldn’t say yes if he did. No way am I going to stay in a dead animal-themed room. He hands me a huge brass key. Never saw one of those outside of a few foreign movies. Nice touch. None of those magic plastic key cards here. No computer at reception, either.

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